Why Decoys are so important while turkey hunting by Ben G


A few days a go as I was day dreaming about turkey hunting I asked myself what would turkey hunting be like with out a decoy. After pondering it for a while I realized how difficult would be to actually get a Tom in close enough to shoot with out a decoy. With that said I am going to discuss why a decoy can be very important to turkey hunters.

As you may already know turkeys can see very well, so by placing a decoy out in front of you it brings the attention of the turkey to the decoy and away from you (the hunter). This will typically allow a hunter to bring their gun up into shooting position with out being noticed.

Turkeys also will be looking to associate something with hunter’s turkey calls. If a Tom is responding to a turkey call and coming in closer to your location and you don’t have a decoy he may get confused or suspicious. When a Tom becomes,  confused or suspicious he will either just stay put and wait for the hen or just simply turn around and walk away looking for other hens.


Risk Appetite Stronger On German Bunds Yield Going Higher


Wakeup Call: Risk Appetite Stronger On German Bunds Yield Going Higher

German Bunds yield broke the monumental 3.09% level and was strongly rejected yesterday. That indicates a strong risk-willingness, which is also reflected by credit spreads and corporate CDS prices.


Economic Data Releases
Country Time (GMT) Name Saxo Consensus Prior
CA 11:00 CPI / Core CPI MoM (FEB) 0.3% / 0.3% 0.3% / 0.1%
CA 12:30 Retail Sales / ex. Autos MoM (JAN) 0.6% / 0.5% 0.4% / 0.4%

What's going on?

The German constitutional court was saying that a Greek bail-out might violate the 'no bail-out' clause in the EU rules and therefore be illegal. German Bunds yield broke the monumental 3.09% level and was strongly rejected yesterday. That indicates a strong risk-willingness, which is also reflected by credit spreads and corporate CDS prices.

Not a lot of data today, so a lot of focus on Greece and the EUR, which is likely to continue underperforming the rest of the European currencies. Gold not affected.


FX Daily stance Comment
EURUSD 0/- Sell at the break of 1.3585 and target 1.3475. Stop above 1.3515.
USDJPY 0 Neutral.
EURJPY 0/- Sell at the break of 122.85 and target 121.80. Stop above 1.2310.
GBPUSD 0/- Sell around 1.52 and target 1.5050. Stop above 1.5260.
AUDUSD 0/+ Buy on dips towards 1.0130 and target 1.0220. Stop below 1.0100.


Equities Daily stance Comment
DAX 0/+ Buy around 5995 targeting 6024. S/L below 5982.
FTSE 0/+ Buy around 5627 targeting 5647. S/L below 5618.
S&P500 0/+ Buy around 1160 targeting 1165. S/L below 1156.
NASDAQ100 0/+
DJIA 0/+


Commodities Daily Stance Comment
Gold 0/- Sell at the break of 1118 and target 1108. Stop above 1122.
Silver 0 Neutral.
Oil (CLK0) 0/- Sell at the break of 82 and target 80.50. Stop above 82.30.


EURUSD With spot still in narrow range, vols are more or less unchanged. Front end RR are flat, which signals that the market does not know where spot is going.
EURCHF Vols were paid up together with RR, after the comments from SNB. In the options market interest were looking to buy middle of the curve downside eg. 3m strike 1,41 EUR put. Spot is likely to take another move south soon.

Saxo Bank

Analysis Disclosure & Disclaimer

Saxo Bank A/S shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any recommendation, forecast or other information herein contained. The contents of this publication should not be construed as an express or implied promise, guarantee or implication by Saxo Bank that clients will profit from the strategies herein or that losses in connection therewith can or will be limited. Trades in accordance with the recommendations in an analysis, especially leveraged investments such as foreign exchange trading and investment in derivatives, can be very speculative and may result in losses as well as profits, in particular if the conditions mentioned in the analysis do not occur as anticipated.

Saxo Bank utilizes financial information providers and information from such providers may form the basis for an analysis. Saxo Bank accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information herein contained.

Any recommendations and other comments in Saxo Bank's analysis derive from objective fundamental macro economical and company specific calculations, statistical and technical analysis, and subjective general market assessment.

If an analysis contains recommendations to buy or sell a specific financial instrument, such recommendation should be seen as Saxo Bank's opinion that the specific instrument will respectively outperform the relevant market or underperform compared to the market. Saxo Bank's recommendations should statistically correspond to an even distribution between buy and sell recommendations.

The recommendations may expire promptly due to market volatility and in general, Saxo Bank does not anticipate its recommendations to be valid more than one month. An analysis will be updated if and only if a market development or other issues relevant to the analysis render a new analysis on the same topic relevant. Saxo Bank's analysis does not cover any specific financial product over time but only products which Saxo Bank's strategy team finds it important to cover at any given point in time.

In order to prevent conflicts of interest, Saxo Bank has established appropriate business procedures, incl. procedures applicable to research and analysis to ensure objective research reports. Saxo Bank's research reports have not been discussed with the parties, e.g. issuers of securities, mentioned in the analysis.

Saxo Bank is under supervision by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Saxo Bank does not engage in corporate finance activities and accordingly, Saxo Bank's employees, incl. the persons responsible for an analysis, do not receive remuneration associated with investment banking transactions.

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Sunbelt Free Kicks Program Gives More Than $20,000 to Support Youth Soccer

Sunbelt Free Kicks Program Gives More Than $20,000 to Support Youth Soccer
The company is pleased to announce that it has given more than $20,000 in donations and prizes to players and soccer clubs so far.
Soccer is an expensive sport to play, and Sunbelt is helping us, and all the clubs affiliated with US Youth Soccer, keep the cost down for kids. So every little bit helps.
Collegedale, TN (Vocus/ ) March 19, 2010 -- Six months ago, Sunbelt launched its Free Kicks program in an effort to help US Youth Soccer players and their families and friends raise money for soccer equipment, supplies and other club expenses. Today, the company is pleased to announce that it has given more than $20,000 in donations and prizes to players and soccer clubs so far.
According to Jeff Badger, Sunbelt brand manager, Sunbelt has awarded six soccer clubs $1,000 each through its monthly drawing, including February winner, St. Roberts Soccer Club of Omaha, Neb. In addition to the monthly winners, Monona Grove Soccer Club of Madison, Wis. was recently selected as the first $2,500 winner through the programs semi-annual drawing. Plus, Sunbelt is sending cash payments from $10 to $100 to more than 700 soccer clubs that have participated in Free Kicks across the country.
Participants in the Sunbelt Free Kicks program earn cash for their soccer clubs by going online to SunbeltFreeKicks.com and entering codes located on specially marked box tops of Sunbelt granola bars and Sunbelt fruit and grain bars. In addition to the money clubs earn from entering the codes, they are also automatically entered into monthly and semi-annual cash drawings.
What Sunbelt is doing through its Free Kicks program and sponsorship of US Youth Soccer is extremely important for the future of soccer, especially at the youth level, said Mark Casasanto, whose South Philadelphia Soccer Club (SPSC) won $1,000. Soccer is an expensive sport to play, and Sunbelt is helping us, and all the clubs affiliated with US Youth Soccer, keep the cost down for kids. So every little bit helps.
Scott Dane, executive director of the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL), can also attest to the importance of the Free Kicks program. We put our $1,000 donation into a financial aid fund. Lansing's economy has been devastated, and the need for financial assistance has grown tremendously. $1,000 gives approximately 15 players the opportunity to participate in our league at no cost.
As the official granola snack of US Youth Soccer, Sunbelt is committed to helping soccer clubs across the country like CASL and SPSC make soccer available to players at all levels, and it will continue to do so through its sponsorship and Free Kicks program.
US Youth Soccer is very excited to see our partner, Sunbelt, actively engaging in the US Youth Soccer community with their Sunbelt Free Kicks program, which offers great member benefits through cash giveaways, great individual prizes and additional cash prizes, said Jim Cosgrove, executive director for US Youth Soccer.
Its great to see how far the Sunbelt Free Kicks loyalty program has spread after only six months, said Badger. Nutrition and physical fitness are cornerstones of Sunbelt, and sponsoring US Youth Soccer is a great way to demonstrate our commitment in these areas.
About Sunbelt
McKee Foods, a family-owned and family-oriented company based in Collegedale, Tenn., introduced the Sunbelt brand in 1982. The Sunbelt brand includes 29 different varieties of cereal and snack products, including chewy granola bars, fudge dipped chewy granola bars, fruit & grain cereal bars, fruit snacks, cereals and more. To learn more about Sunbelt snacks and cereals, visit www.sunbeltsnacks.com.
Media Contacts:
Mike Gloekler
McKee Foods
800-251-6346, ext. 22440
Brian Baker
The Johnson Group


Fisher Auction and Cushman & Wakefield Arrange $25. ...

Fisher Auction and Cushman & Wakefield Arrange $25.9 Million Bulk Sale Auction of 165 New Condominium Units in Downtown Orlando
The Vue at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, Florida under contract for $25.9 Million Our combined marketing efforts resulted in nine qualified bidders in the live auction and we were thrilled with the results.
Once we have our single Web site, we will quickly move to use the MEDSEEK risk assessment tools to build service line awareness and help our patients take a more wellness-focused approach to their own health care.
Orlando, FL March 19, 2010 -- Fisher Auction Company and Cushman & Wakefield today announced the completion of a bulk sale auction of 165 new condominium units within The Vue at Lake Eola, a premier brand new condominium development in Downtown Orlando.

The Vue at Lake Eola was a prize piece of real estate, said Lamar Fisher, President and CEO of Fisher Auction Co., Inc. Bidders had to submit a signed non-contingency contract of no less than $20 million just to be qualified to participate in the live auction. Our combined marketing efforts resulted in nine qualified bidders in the live auction and we were thrilled with the results.
Orlando-based brokerage professionals Jay Ballard and Ken Delvillar, senior director and director, respectively, of Cushman & Wakefields Apartment Brokerage Services Group, handled the marketing and sale of the units along with Fisher Auction Co. According to Mr. Ballard, the process needed to be accomplished within a short 60 day timeframe. We had an expert team in place to put together our due diligence package, conduct tours and help keep our potential bidders informed, Mr. Ballard said.
The Fisher Auction and Cushman & Wakefield team are not new to handling the targeted marketing of this type of real estate. They have successfully handled similar properties and have become the new experts of fractured condo auctions.
We had over 250 groups sign confidentiality agreements on this property and over 50 potential buying groups conduct property tours, said Mr. Ballard. We had inquiries from throughout the U.S. and over 11 countries truly a superior response to our marketing plan. Our buyer ultimately came from out of the country and we were able to achieve 104 percent of fair market value for the Bankruptcy Court. In this real estate market, that is outstanding.
For additional auction and other property information visit www.fisherauction.com or www.apartments.cushwake.com


DePauw University Conservation Club


The DePauw University Conservation Club was recently established to provide a community for students who share similar interests in conservation and nature. The DePauw University Conservation Club allows its members to learn more about conservation and provide direct results to local, state, and national projects to preserve and improve land. We believe that sharing the North American Conservation Model both in intellectual conversations and hands on work on the ground and in the field will benefit our members and allow them to carry on their passions of conservation into the world. We strive to raise private revenue through various fundraising efforts in order to complete the projects we take on locally to make a difference in our community. We would also like to create a yearly event to spread the world of conservation into our local community through a youth outreach program, and a one day introduction to wildlife, habitat, and the benefits of spending time in the outdoors. We believe that land and wildlife are both precious resource that need to be conserved and managed. We are excited to share our message with the rest of the conservation community, as well as with the rest of the world. The land and its resources are the source of our passions; we pledge to do whatever we can to help keep them thriving.

As founder of the DePauw University Conservation Club, I fully encourage all folks of the younger generation to step up and make a difference...


The Ultimate Sportsman by Trevor Simmons


While attending the Greater Virginia Big game and Sport Show I got the chance to meet one extordinary fellow sportsman. This man was Mr. Gary Arrington and boy if he’s not what the sport of hunting and conservation is all about I don’t know who is. As a NWTF Region Director,   special projects manager for hunters for the hungry, and devoted family man Gary does it all. From chasing toms and bucks to moderating turkey calling contest you can find him hanging around.

Gary did not just fall into all this responsibility right off the bat it took years of hard work and determination. After 14 years as a Conservation Game Warden and years of being in the woods he has acquired years of experience which shows in every word as he speaks about the outdoors. As a member of the QDMA, NRA, NWTF, and hunters for the hungry, Gary is constantly on the go to help promote these wonderful groups. His passion for hunting is equally matched with his passion for God and through all the works he does for this great sport he keeps God the center of it all.

He thanks his dad most for the opportunity to hunt. Though he said his biggest influence came from Bob Kerride who took him on his first hunting trip and taught him how to hunt. Now, Gary is giving back what he can in return for all he has been blessed with. He said kids are the future of hunting and “The greatest feather in the hat for hunting.” He would love to see more kids grow in the outdoors as well as Hunters for the Hungry so we can keep providing for people for years to come. With kids as our future hunters he wants to educate them on how much their donations will help people in need.

He hopes to continue to contribute to the outdoors as long as he can. His love for the sport is what makes him drive harder to keep it alive. I now look up to Gary as he is an inspiration me about what this sport is really about. I hope our paths cross again soon so that I might get to learn more about what this man is doing to keep our sport alive.


Gary Arrington and Trevor Simmons


March Madness Bracket Challenge on HuntingLife


It's March Madness time here with Team HuntingLife!  Irish eyes are smiling knowing that turkey season is close, the major conservation shows are mostly completed for us and it is time to settle down and get back to work while we get everything ready for spring gobbler and spring bear season.  While we are toiling away, there is one constant for our entire team and that is Basketball....College teams across the country are set to start duking(no pun intended) it out on the court.  Our Pro Staff Team is all over the map on this one with some obvious fans from Wisconsin all the way to Kentucky and Kansas!!! 

We have decided to let you all join in our Bracket Challenge March Madness Bracket Challenge on HuntingLife and whomever the winner is from outside of our Pro Staff Team will win a custom crafted Turkey Call from Three Little Birds Game Calls.  Our HuntingLife Glass Turkey Call is emblazoned with the HuntingLife Logo and made out of Paduk Wood and boy does it sound raspy and sweet.  This baby is sure to spark up the gobbles in the field.  We will be offering this call on our online store here at HuntingLife but this particular call is actually Call number 2 and comes with a custom striker as well.

The Bracket Challenge is hosted on yahoo and is free for everyone to join and we look forward to having a blast with this wonderful promotion.  Updates will be every couple of days here on HuntingLife.com as well as our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page.

Lets have some fun and the winner will have a heirloom call that works great on the collector shelf and in the field.

HuntingLife Bracket Challenge



FTSE March Contract


FTSE March Contract

FTSE made new contract highs of 5615 yesterday and the close has been quite good...
However if we cannot sustain above 5591 then we shall see this come lower for 5575/73

This offers good support and all shorts should be covered to here. Look to instate small
longs, keeping stops below 5565. A loss of this support keeps the bias to the downside
and targets 5559 then 5550/42.

Now if we can hold above 5591 then there is scope for another test of the highs. Cover
all longs prior this resistance. Re-instate over 5624 as this would keep the bias to the topside targeting 5641/46 initially with potential for 5656/58.

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Bottle Rocket Apps Announces Blast for the Cash Doodle Bomb Contest Using the Popular OpenFeint ...

Bottle Rocket Apps Announces "Blast for the Cash" Doodle Bomb Contest Using the Popular OpenFeint Social Networking Platform
The popular iPhone and iPod touch "Physics Puzzler With a Bang" takes in-game competition to new heights with this exciting contest for players of all skill levels.
The only thing that engages our 16 million players more than a good old fashioned competition, is a competition with prizes
Dallas, TX (Vocus/ ) March 19, 2010 -- Doodle Bomb, the popular iPhone & iPod touch physics puzzle game, continues to offer players new ways to compete.Enable OpenFeint inDoodleBomb 1.5or later, and play your heart out to win in the "Blast for the Cash" contest! Winners will be selected on April 4, 2010 from the Top Overall Scores leaderboard to win their share of over $2,000 in cash prizes. Dont worry, even if youre not a Bomb Master, you can still win great cash prizes.


Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas Offers Milder Anesthesia for Outpatient Procedures

Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas Offers Milder Anesthesia for Outpatient Procedures
General anesthesia just isn't the best option for cosmetic and plastic surgery patients. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas provides their patients with a more suitable option called TIVA.

Houston, TX March 18, 2010 -- General anesthesia is well-known and well-used in cosmetic surgery procedures. It is also one of the top concerns for people considering plastic surgery. TIVA, or Total Intravenous Anesthesia, then, is a technique now used by the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas to make both the anesthesia and recovery process easier for clients.
With TIVA, our clients still undergo a complete review of their medical history as well as necessary labs and studies prior to surgery, said Dr. Leo Lapuerta, director of Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas and board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston. However, this milder option eliminates the need for a breathing tube, ventilator and anesthesia gas, and it reduces many risks associated with general anesthesia. It also makes recovery much easier for patients who need to get back to their busy lives and can do so comfortably and independently.
Many cosmetic surgeons continue to use general anesthesia because it is inexpensive and because more doctors are familiar with it from medical school and residency training programs. It is still an appropriate option for surgeries that entail overnight stays, however, TIVA is a safe and effective option for outpatient procedures.

About Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas
Offering a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures designed to help clients achieve a more youthful face and body, the Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas is home to Dr. Leo Lapuerta, one of Houstons premier plastic surgeons. Dr. Lapuerta is a triple board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in assessing the entire body. The office serves Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, Friendswood, Katy and Lake Jackson. For more information, visit www.lookyounger.net


Scientific Disclosure Ethics Questioned in Diabetes Drug Debate

March 19, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ The relationship between the scientific community and pharmaceutical companies is coming under fire again. At the center of the most recent black eye is the diabetes drug Avandia. The immensely popular drug was linked with an increased risk of heart attacks in research published in 2007. Since the findings, the scientific community has largely come to the defense of the drug, but a new report suggests a growing concern with conflict of interest between scientists and pharmaceutical companies. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic analyzed more than 200 articles published after 2007 in scientific journals, which commented on the heart-attack risk associated with Avandia. They found 47% of the study authors had financial conflicts of interest, but 23% of them not disclose it. The Mayo study says 94% of the authors who had positive views about Avandia had financial links with pharmaceutical companies and 87% had financial links with the drug's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline. Of the 29 articles strongly recommending the rival Eli Lilly drug, Actos, as a replacement for Avandia, 25 were by authors with financial links to Lilly. Read more at Pharmaceutical Industry Today: Avandia news - http://pharmaceuticals.einnews.com/news/avandia Actos news - http://pharmaceuticals.einnews.com/news/actos Located at http://pharmaceuticals.einnews.com, Pharmaceutical Industry Today is a service of EIN News, an industry leader in news monitoring for business professionals and analysts. Using a combination of proprietary search technology and human editing, EIN News delivers to its members the latest pharmaceutical news from around the world, saving them valuable time they'd spend searching for information. New users to Pharmaceutical Industry Today can enjoy a no-obligation, one-week free trial. About EIN Presswire The EIN Presswire press release distribution service is a news-syndication solution that distributes news to more than 10 million visitors annually at EIN News and millions more through its press release distribution partners. A news source for leading journalists, decision-makers and industry professionals worldwide, EIN Presswire targets press releases to a wide array of worldwide business professionals in more than 80 different industries. EIN Presswire also offers affiliate network opportunities and news distribution to tens of thousands of news subscribers daily. Read the newest business news at http://www.einpresswire.com and the latest world news in more than 80 different industries at http://www.einnews.com.

Spectrum Information Services Expands Document Management Offerings Through Joint Agreement

SANTA ANA, Calif. March 18, 2010 -- Spectrum Information Services, a longtime leader in document management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its family of offerings through a joint agreement with i-DocSecure, Inc. and WebDog. For 20 years, Spectrum has been known for its professional customer service in providing document management, scanning, printing and mailing services to Fortune 2000 companies with it's SAS 70 Level II compliant facilities across the country. Coupled with i-DocSecure, Inc.'s groundbreaking online document management and WebDog's comprehensive network security solutions, this new entity brings an advanced level of technology to companies that want to remain safe while cloud computing. With the tools now available to Spectrum's customers, the "paperless office" also can achieve compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other data security regulations. Spectrum's new family of software and services provide secure document storage, customer relations management, internet and network authentication, intrusion prevention and computer forensics -- all very important components in complying with standards. These tools are as follows: WEBDOG Compliance Appliance, SECURESALESTOOLS.COM the Premier (CRM Customer Relation Management through Cloud Computing) and IDoc secure a web hosted Document Management Platform which links to the CRM and it securitized though the WEB DOG Appliance. These tools will help SMB (Small to Medium Business) gain access to platforms and appliances often only afforded by larger organizations with minimal up front costs since ALL new offerings are offered as a SAAS (Software as a Service). In addition, Fortune 2000 companies too will reap the benefits of having services available similar to what they are using today except more secure for a fraction of the costs today. Just a few of the benefits are the ability to store, organize and back up documents online, making them available for safe access, anywhere and at any time. Online document sharing also allows for ease of collaboration with customers and partners, all without having to invest in additional training, software licenses or infrastructure. All that's needed is an Internet browser for access to all your contacts, proposals, activity and reports and so much more. With this new family of tools, network security also is assured, protecting company assets and proprietary information. Data is secured through strong two-factor authentication, along with WebDog's comprehensive network forensics, meeting the demanding needs of corporations, health care organizations, and the banking industry and government agencies. About Spectrum Information Services: Spectrum Information Services, LLC is a leader in document imaging, management and storage solutions. Since 1990, Spectrum's services have allowed its clients more time to focus on core business processes, rather than expending resources on document management and retrieval. Spectrum's professional customer service offerings now include a full line of cloud computing software, providing customer relations management, document security and network authentication solutions. Curtis Pilon CEO/President 949.861.4413 http://www.spectruminformation.com http://www.sisllcusa.com Take a Virtual Tour of Spectrum (http://www.spectruminformation.com/video.html)

LMS, Inc. and POOLCORP Announce Strategic Distribution Arrangement of Coleman Spas Hot Tubs

LMS, Inc. and POOLCORP Announce Strategic Distribution Arrangement of Coleman Spas Hot Tubs
The #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products and The Largest Wholesale Distributor of Swimming Pool and Related Backyard Products Splash Into Spring with an Exciting Venture to Expand Dealer Distribution and Reach New Customers This arrangement gives specialty spa dealers across the country access to the trusted and internationally recognized Coleman brand

Pomona, Calif. March 19, 2010 -- LMS, Inc., the exclusive maker of Coleman Spas and the largest manufacturer of luxury home resort products, and Pool Corporation (POOLCORP), the largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool and related leisure products, have finalized a strategic distribution arrangement of Coleman Spas Hot Tubs.

Our distribution arrangement is a win-win for the industry, said Casey Loyd, LMS President. This arrangement gives specialty spa dealers across the country access to the trusted and internationally recognized Coleman brandknown for its innovation in smart outdoor living products, with an all new, top-of-the-line collection of quality, stylish and affordable hot tubs.
The Coleman Company is an international leader in the innovation and marketing of life outdoors and has built the Coleman name on being the brand of choice for all outdoor living essentials. A sampling of the companys products include: its legendary lanterns and stoves, as well as coolers, tents, and sleeping bags.
It is in this same rich 100-year-old tradition of bringing the best products to life for the enjoyment of the outdoors that drives the innovation of the new Coleman Spas Hot Tubs collection. The newly designed Coleman Spas stay true to the brands integrity and associated carefree outdoor lifestyle and include seven new models with cutting-edge fresh features such as unique pillow and electronic designs. Consumers will also be pleased with the organic curves, patented designs and modern enhancement features exclusive to this special line of Coleman Spas. A variety of models are available to fit any home environment, including 8-foot and 7-foot spas in bench and lounger configurations plus a selection of specialty spas.
According to Donna Williams, Senior Director of Product Management for POOLCORP, The innovative designs, variety of features and state-of-the-art engineering give us great confidence in bringing the Coleman Spas collection to our dealer network. Coleman Spas will be a tremendous addition to the line up of products that we currently offer.
Coleman Spas are manufactured in the USA in Pomona, Calif. at LMS state-of-the-art 1 million square foot headquarters. Coleman Spas are produced to order and shipped within a record-breaking five days of order confirmationthe fastest manufacturing turnaround time in the industry. According to LMS President, Casey Loyd, this exceptional manufacturing to shipment lifecycle is driven by the companys goal to ensure that customers are able to experience the soothing comfort and pleasure of their new spas without delay. You can literally order your spa today and enjoy it with family and friends for the next weekend get together, said Loyd.
LMS, Inc. and POOLCORP will co-host a special First-Look Open House on Tuesday, April 20th for interested dealers to preview the all-new Coleman Spa Hot Tubs collection. This exclusive preview gives dealers an opportunity to experience and learn first-hand the unique features and selling points of this exciting collection.
Details for the Coleman Spa Hot Tubs Open House Event:
Who: By Invitation Only
Where: LMS, Inc. Headquarters, 1462 E. Ninth Street, Pomona, CA 91766
When: April 20th from 10 am to 3 pm
For more information and to register online go to: www.colemanspas.com/openhouse
Deadline to register is April 9, 2010

US Opens Self Up to Human Rights Scrutiny

March 18, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ Will the US be found guilty of human rights violations? For the first time, the US will submit itself to a "universal periodic review" by the UN Human Rights Council. "Human rights are universal, but their experience is local. This is why we are committed to holding everyone to the same standard, including ourselves," said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Every UN member nation is supposed to be reviewed once every four years, but some observers are afraid the whole process will be politicized by human rights abusers, such as Iran and Myanmar, in order to justify their abuses. Read more at Human Rights Today: Latest United Nations Human Rights Council news - http://humanrights.einnews.com/news/united-nations-human-rights-council Located at http://humanrights.einnews.com, Human Rights Today is a service of EIN News, an industry leader in news monitoring for business professionals and analysts. Using a combination of proprietary search technology and human editing, EIN News delivers to its members the latest human rights news from around the world, saving them valuable time they'd spend searching for information. New users to Human Rights Industry Today can enjoy a no-obligation, one-week free trial. About EIN Presswire The EIN Presswire press release distribution service is a news-syndication solution that distributes news to more than 10 million visitors annually at EIN News and millions more through its press release distribution partners. A news source for leading journalists, decision-makers and industry professionals worldwide, EIN Presswire targets press releases to a wide array of worldwide business professionals in more than 80 different industries. EIN Presswire also offers affiliate network opportunities and news distribution to tens of thousands of news subscribers daily. Read the newest business news at http://www.einpresswire.com and the latest world news in more than 80 different industries at http://www.einnews.com.

Dallas Computer Support Company Unveils New Residential Plan

Solidifying their mission to be a customer-oriented computer support and managed services company, Cartish Technologies, based in Grand Prairie and Glen Rose, is expanding their services once again. The Dallas based managed IT services company has announced their new residential plan, making it easier and more affordable for residents to protect the integrity of their personal computer and security. The introductory rate of $9.99 expires April 30th. Residential Plan - $14.99 per PC/per month Includes: 1. Antivirus Software 2. Spyware Software 3. Remote Access to your PC from any computer connected to the Internet. (Customer PC must be on and connected to Internet as well) 4. 1 Hour Remote Support per month (no rollover) $100 value About Cartish Technologies Cartish Technologies, an innovative Dallas technology company focused on providing hardware and software support for small and medium-sized businesses who has partnered with leaders in the industry to aide in delivering these solutions. As a full service information technology consulting organization, we focus on providing technology-based solutions that will help customers navigate through today's information technology issues and plan for future needs. Visit Cartish online at http://www.cartish.com for more information on how to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce daily operational cost, or call toll free: 877-304-Cartish. 2100 N Hwy 360 Ste 405 Grand Prairie, TX 75050 605 NE Big Bend Trail Glen Rose, Texas 76043

Turkey Preseason, Mitch Strobl


With turkey season right around the corner, stores are filling up with hunters getting ready for season. Everyone is stocking up on the new calls, choke tubes, decoys, anything and everything that will increase their chance of success in the 2010 turkey season. While this is all part of the excitement leading up to opening day, I would like to share with you how I have been preparing for the season. Of course I have rummaged through every isle containing turkey-hunting supplies, but I have also added a fun way to both save money, and deal with the preseason anticipation.

In the previous spring I had a very unlucky day that all hunters encounter, and to top it off I broke my favorite striker. As I was searching for a new striker I was shocked at how expensive a simple piece of wood could be. I made the decision to make my own striker, which turned out to be the best decision I have made in preparation for the upcoming turkey season.

huntinglife turkey strikers

turkey hunting


Sorouh Announces the Best Deal Under the Sun

Sorouh Announces the Best Deal Under the Sun
Why Rent? campaign, aimed at all nationalities, offers best mortgage rate in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates March 19, 2010 -- Abu Dhabi residents awoke this morning to a new Sun in the East as Sorouh Real Estate PJSC, one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE, officially launches its exclusive, limited offer on Sun Tower on Al Reem Island.
Sorouh's Why Rent? promotion offers the best mortgage rate in Abu Dhabi to purchasers of any nationality who wish to buy a spacious apartment or penthouse in Sun Tower, part of Sorouh's prestigious Shams Abu Dhabi development on Al Reem Island.

Sorouh's Why Rent? campaign, in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Finance, offers an unparalleled two-year fixed mortgage rate of 4.99%, which is approximately 40% below prevailing market offers. Abu Dhabi Finance will provide up to 85% financing on properties, allowing people who have rented their entire lives in Abu Dhabi to own a home in the capital for the first time from as little as AED 6,500 per month.
The pre-launch of the new sales offer received a strong response from over 100 interested parties looking to buy property in Abu Dhabi, endorsing both the quality of the property product on offer by Sorouh, and the exceptional financing package it has arranged for customers.
Simon Cunningham, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Sorouh, said: "We are thrilled to provide Abu Dhabi residents with this exceptional financing offer, which is entirely in keeping with the magnificence of Sorouh's development. Both the property and the mortgage rate offer excellent value, especially to Abu Dhabi's long-term renters. Shams Abu Dhabi's investment zone status means that owning a magnificent home in the city is now a dream come true for everyone, regardless of nationality."
The 65-storey Sun Tower, and its sister development, Sky Tower, are the tallest buildings on Al Reem Island, and the cornerstone of Sorouh's landmark Shams Abu Dhabi development on the island. The one, two, three, and four-bedroom units available for sale come in various floor plans and sizes, all with quality finishes and excellent amenities including a shopping mall, private gym and spa, tennis courts, childcare facilities and more. In addition, Abu Dhabi property owners in Sun and Sky will boast the best views available anywhere in the city, with breathtaking panoramic vistas across land and sea.
Sorouh also has become the first developer in Abu Dhabi to launch a dedicated sales website. The website, http://property.sorouh.com, includes live data on available properties in Sorouh's developments, starting with Sun and Sky. Customers using the website can research the type of property they want, its floor plan, price, availability and other important information, before going to the sales centre to discuss details and to complete paper work.
The website ensures greater convenience and transparency for potential buyers, who will be able to see all available units in real time. Once buyers have made their selection, Sorouh's sales team will respond rapidly, while also ensuring excellent customer service via a system that tracks and monitors all online enquiries.
Mr Cunningham said, "The new sales portal will provide customers with easy accessible information and brings a new level of transparency to the property market in Abu Dhabi. Finding correct, updated information on availability and prices has not been easy in the past. The new website expands our customer service and allows us to evaluate and further improve our customer relations."

First Bull by Steven Lipe


After hunting many years without success DJ decided after watching a hunting show on television to book an outfitter for his next year’s hunt. He contacted his lifelong friend and hunting buddy to join him in his dream of hunting the illusive wapiti in the mountains of Colorado.

The first task at hand was to decide what area that he wanted to hunt. After much research and talking with the Colorado Division of Wildlife about elk herds and populations it was decided that unit 77, 78, and 771 may fit the need. There are aspen meadows and lots of grasses, dark timber canopies and steep slopes with plenty of water. All the right ingredients for that special hunt.

Next was to contact the local USDA Forest Service to get a list of outfitters in the general area that is authorized to provide the needed service. After narrowing the area to be hunted it was decided to check into several outfitters and the cost involved in hiring there service.

Steven Lipe


Online Printing Company - Print Pelican celebrates St. Patrick's Day by giving back some GREEN!

Riviera Beach, Florida Happy St. Patrick's Day from Print Pelican, the nation's leading online printing company! Are you ready to save some GREEN with the Pelican Team? The full color printing company wants to celebrate the luck of the Irish by giving some green back to their valued customers. It's almost like finding a four leaf clover! For a limited time, customers can get 10% off their entire order total at check out! Use the code "GREEN" to receive an INSTANT discount on orders placed between March 17th through March 19th. This offer is not valid on order placed before or after the specified dates and cannot be combined with any other offers or discount. About Print Pelican Print Pelican is a one stop printing resource that provides an array of online printing services for small businesses, corporations, publishers, universities, medical entities, law offices, and others whose operations benefit from the use of quality printed materials. Included in the company's list of services are brochure printing, post card printing, rack card printing, stationery printing, label printing, business card printing, magazine printing, and more. Each step of the process of getting one's order customized and shipped to its destination can be completed online from the convenience of one's home or professional office. For questions about this St. Patrick's Day promotion, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 1-800-474-0461 to speak to the Green Pelican. This sale won't last long, so call and reserve your order to today to take advantage of this incredible sale!!

Turkey Hunting by Terri Lee Pocernich


Turkey is one species I have wanted to hunt for quite some time. We have only had tags available for wild turkey in our area in the last few years and I have just never had the opportunity due to work or other factors. I have always been open to trying new things especially in the hunting arena and last year I was drawn for a tag. I was immediately pumped. I had heard how fun it was to hunt these birds and how much harder than deer hunting it was. I looked forward to the challenge.

In late March I was informed I needed a hysterectomy. Doc asked me, if I had any questions concerning the surgery? My only question to the Doctor was, will I be able to go turkey hunting? His chuckling response in turn was, you should be fine, just have someone else carry the bird!

My husband and I hunted the first few days of my season together with no luck. He had drawn and been successful in an earlier season and was along to call for me (and carry the bird).

Mid season, he had to leave on business so I recruited a friend of mine Candy Grubisic, as her husband and hunting partner had also had to leave for the remainder of the season. She was an experienced turkey hunter and knew what she was doing.


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