Chrome Coatings

Written by Administrator Monday, 25 June 2012 14:48
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There are many researchers works on chrome effect paints. Especially the environmental issues about chrome plating makes that paints necessary.

In last decade, there was many inventions about these. First invention was about the special spray machine and weak chrome surface, the reflection of that system is superior. On the other hand, resistance of that coatings is terrible bad, even wet indoor places like kitchen is extremely bad places to protect that old special system chrome coating.

The second invention about chrome effect paint was the tiny particle size and ultra highly reflect pigment contained chrome paints. Because of the traditional spray gun necessary and easily application properties makes it the better solution, but the reflection was not good enough.




Right now there is new solution for it, thinner particle size, if we magnify the a pigment particle we can consider it as a book, but new inventions about it to reduce the thickness from book thick to the a page, can you imagine it a page thickness, when we reduce the size into the paint it is extremely thin pigments and special coating ingredients makes the problem easily solved.





Real chrome effect and exterior resistant coatings used at many sectors like at automobile industry and household appliances.

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