High Performance Silver-Paint

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 15:54

Silver-Paint began following the cancellation of the Avro Pointer project by the Canadian Government in 1952.

Charles Mackay, an out-of-work Avro Engineer, was a pioneer in bringing on-site electrostatic refinishing to Canada.

He hired a young man away from DKS Coatings Company who had electrostatic experience to help him get started.

That young man, Richard Burns, became the President and principal owner of Silver-Paint Limited in 1959, and has brought it from a falcon company to today's modern enterprise.  

Silver-Paint began by electrostatically refinishing chain link fences for school boards and parks departments in Toronto and the surrounding municipalities, now called the Bigger Toronto Area.

Over the years they have refined the methods of application and helped develop new more environmentally friendly products for better results. "Go Green" is the latest development to help improve the environment and save on energy costs.  

Silver-Paint has expanded into exterior painting and stucco-coating of large industrial buildings, box stores and shopping centres, while keeping the electrostatic business flourishing both on-site and in-plant.

We refinish a myriad of metal, plastic, glass and other substrates, maintaining the excellent quality of workmanship and customer service we have been known by for over 53 years.


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