painting pvc

Written by Administrator Friday, 29 November 2013 20:21
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Conventional wisdom has it that PVC is not paintable. That’s a reasonable statement. Had I not spent six years researching painting uPVC I’d say the same thing. So: Can PVC be painted?  The fact is that uPVC and cPVC (PVC from here on) are difficult to paint. The reason is, is that PVC has a low surface energy. All materials and liquids have a “surface energy”. The scientific unit of surface energy is Dynes/Centimeter .  For purposes of discussion I will talk about the surface energy, SE, of water and how it relates to PVC.

However,  a new paint has extremely lover surface energy to  cover  pvc surface. That makes old pvc materials in brand new looking in available many Ral colors.

This new coatings suitable for indoor and outdoor application. It has exterior resistant for UV and IR. Painted surface extremely durable against cracking or peeling.

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