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Written by danny Tuesday, 01 December 2015 07:42
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Creative Team Paint transforms any wall into a dry erase canvas, giving you the space you need to create  and develop your  Next Big Thing.

This exist for one reason: to improve the way people work.

It was born from this very notion, a frustration with the way unique ideas were shared and coworkers collaborated. How can you think big when you write small? How can you think on your feet when you’re sitting on your hands?How can you harness the collective intelligence when it’s awkward to share what’s inside your own head?

We could see the drawing and writing on the wall.

Eureka Exploration leads to discovery. To think and push and prod and poke and make mistakes and make progress and then erase it all and start all over again.

Creative Team Paint is more than a tool. We enable off-site thinking on site. Day in, day out. It’s a catalyst for working better.

The essential element for a company to survive is that it must always stay on the verge of the Next Big Thing.

It can be a huge idea, invention or new product that will set the world on fire.
But it can also be a new approach to management or education that unleashes the power of young minds to lead companies into the future.

Creative team paint that transforms places into creative spaces, set out to pick the brains of some very unique creative leaders from all walks of life producers.

Leave your ideas on the earth.

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